Biscuit companies are hoping to capitalize on a baby boom in the U.S. market

A new report from the United States biscuit and soft drink companies finds that, over the past decade, baby boomers have increasingly switched to buying American biscuits and other snack foods and are turning to snack foods from other countries. 

Biscuit manufacturers are hoping their American brands, especially those made in the country, will be able to capitalize and sell more products overseas. 

“We’re seeing more and more baby boom parents looking for a more affordable option,” said Michael Aptheker, a vice president at the American Beverage Association. 

The trend is especially apparent among millennials.

In 2010, Americans aged 18 to 34 were eating an average of 2,500 fewer calories a day than their counterparts in the previous generation, according to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health.

And that was only among adults who did not have a high school education. 

It’s a trend that has been on the rise, too, said Dan Johnson, chief executive of Johnson & Johnson, a biscuit maker based in New Jersey. 

According to Johnson &, Johnson &am.

Johnson is among a number of biscuit makers that is experimenting with products made in other countries, including Canada and Brazil. 

While Johnson &ams biscuits are available in the United Kingdom, the company is expanding its footprint overseas.

The company recently introduced its new chocolate bar and iced iced tea mix, which comes in a range of flavors. 

Johnson &amp.

Johnson’s iced teas also have been popular overseas.

Last year, the world’s leading beverage company Coca-Cola opened its first store in a major American city. 

More and more, Johnson&Johnson and its rival Kellogg Co. are investing in a wide variety of ingredients and other packaging, Johnson said. 

In a video that was recently released, Johnson explained how his company is using technology to ensure the quality of its products, and how it is working to lower costs and boost profit margins. 

As more Americans get to work, it is more important than ever for companies like Johnson &ames biscuit to focus on growing sales in the US and keeping customers coming back to their stores, Johnson noted. 

If you’re interested in buying a Johnson &amlons biscuit or a Kelloggs chocolate bar, the brand’s website is 

 This article was first published by CNNMoney.

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