5 ways to make sassy biscuits without bread

The idea that sassy is a dirty word seems to have crept into many conversations in the last decade.

“Biscuits are supposed to be made from real sourdough.

You’ve got to make sure the bread is real sour,” a reader wrote in a comment section for this post.

“It’s just too hard to make it, especially in America where there are lots of people who think sourdought is a bad word.”

A commenter on this post even said that if a customer had a problem with sassy, it was “unacceptable.”

While sassy has gained popularity in the past decade, the term itself has only really gained currency recently, as the concept has been gaining traction among young women.

The concept has also gained some traction among older men, who are more inclined to believe that the word “sassy” is offensive.

According to the University of Minnesota, the word has been used on college campuses since 2013, when it was first used in an article about “sugar, spice, and spice” in the popular college publication College Humor.

While some women have taken to using the term “sassy” on social media, most people tend to avoid using the word altogether.

For instance, one user of Reddit’s r/Sassy, which tracks the usage of the word, posted an image of a woman with a bag of sass.

The image quickly received over 7,000 upvotes and more than 1,000 comments.

Another Redditor who used the name SassyTiger said, “The idea that women use sassy is offensive to me.

I do not understand the concept behind it.

If you want to be called a sass, you can just call yourself a lady.”

One commenter on r/sassymensrights shared a photo of a shirt on a man’s shirt and a comment: “I’m not saying I’m not a feminist.

I’m just saying I don’t think we should call men sassies.

Many other commenters were more supportive, but others didn’t agree with the comments and took to the comments section of the Reddit thread.

In response to the backlash, a Reddit spokesperson told Mashable, “We have always been clear that we are against offensive language in our community.

We have also made it clear that the term ‘sassy’ is not an appropriate term for any of our users.

“But others, including a woman named Lola, said that the backlash wasn’t just a response to using sass in a derogatory way.

It was because I thought the term was offensive. “

I didn’t say it because I was racist.

It was because I thought the term was offensive.

It’s not about being offended, it’s about being wrong.

I don’t believe people who use sassy in the way that they did mean to are being racist or that they are using the name of a particular race.

I am a white, middle-class American woman who has never experienced racism or sexism in my life.”


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