Popeyes to sell two ingredient biscuits in Canada

Vicious biscuits.

Two ingredient biscuits.

These are the things that you think of when you think ‘biscuit’ and they are.

Now, if you were to have one of these biscuits and add a tablespoon of butter, it would be a fantastic, tasty and addictive treat.

But wait.

If you make these biscuits, you would also have to make a sandwich of them.

So what are you going to do?

What is the best sandwich that you can make out of a baked biscuit?

Well, this is what the experts at Popeyes have come up with.

So if you want to try one of those two ingredient biscuits, make sure to head over to Popeyes and get your dough ready.

Popeyes says that their biscuits are more like ‘sausage rolls’.

It says that you will use two ingredients and make them into two biscuits.

But, what you really want to do is bake them in the oven, then use them to make your sandwich.

If you make the sandwich using two ingredient dough, the result is a sandwich that is even better than if you made the whole thing out of one biscuit.

In addition to the biscuits being made in a loaf pan, they also contain a crispy bacon crust and a soft potato, a potato salad and an avocado-apple dressing.

All in all, the breads are worth at least $7.99, but it seems like the real question is how to keep the sandwiches from getting soggy.

How much do you think you can save?


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