Biscuit Bar, the place to be in downtown Louisville

The biscuit bar, where you can find an array of traditional southern foods, is getting a makeover.

The eatery, located on Main Street at the intersection of Main and South avenues, will get a new look with a brand new kitchen, new signage, new seating, and more.

The biscuits bar, the staple of southern Southern culture since 1873, is one of the oldest remaining restaurants in Louisville, and a favorite of the city’s elite.

It’s owned by the Louisville Downtown Partnership, which has been a fixture in downtown for nearly 100 years.

It opened in 1917, and closed in 2004.

The space is now open to the public as part of the Downtown Louisville Cultural Alliance.

“We’re really proud of our heritage, and we want to honor it,” said David Hock, the Partnership’s president and CEO.

“We’re working with the city to create a new menu that’s not only a good idea for the business, but also for the people.”

“We want to do things right, but we want a place that’s a little bit more contemporary,” he added.

“This will be a very contemporary restaurant, not a little less contemporary.”

Biscuit bar will have a new, modern menuThe restaurant will also get a makeovers to its look, including a new name, a new logo and a new coat of paint.

“The new look is inspired by the historic Southern biscuits,” said Mike Johnson, the partnership’s executive chef.

“It’s not going to be the same thing.

The biscuits have a history.”

Brisbane’s biscuit shop is also getting a faceliftThe biscuit is a popular Southern staple, and the biscuit shops downtown and in the city center have been a popular gathering spot for many years.

But the new owners say the location is too small and the quality of the biscuits is too poor.

“The biscuits are still really good,” said Bill Moore, who is managing the business.

“They have the best biscuits in the country, but they’re not doing well.”

Moore said the biscuits shop was the best of the old biscuits in downtown and it was a popular spot for the community to come together.

He said that’s why the biscuits bar needs to get a faceltake.

“I’ve had a lot of people come up to me, tell me they like the biscuits and they think it’s a great place to come downtown and have a meal,” he said.

“But I’ve had people come and leave saying it’s not worth their time.

It’s not a great spot.”

The new nameThe new biscuit name will be the biscuity, Moore said.

He also plans to have a sign outside welcoming people to the new biscuette shop.

The cafe is expected to open in mid-September.


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