Why are we so addicted to McDonalds biscuits?

McDonalds is the world’s biggest chain, and they’ve been a fixture in the American fast food market for years.

Now the company is hoping to build on its dominance in the fast food industry by making its own biscuits.

McDonalds announced it will begin manufacturing its own chocolate biscuits last year.

Now, McDonalds has come out with a new recipe to try to get its biscuits more mainstream.

The new recipe is called the “Nature Valley Biscuits.”

According to the company, the new recipe will “bring a new flavor and texture to a staple biscuit.

The new version of Nature Valley Bistro Chocolate Biscuit will be available in 2-pound, 5-ounce, and 8-pound sizes.”

McDonald’s says it’s also working on a new line of frozen breakfast cereals, called the McAllister line, which will be rolled out starting this month.

That line of products will feature a blend of brown rice and brown sugar.

McAllister, as we mentioned earlier, will come in 4-ounce and 6-ounce flavors.

The company says it will also add a new ingredient called “peanut butter” to the mix.

The “Nature Veggie Biscuites” line of cookies, according to the blog post, is a “healthful, protein-packed biscuit with a unique combination of fresh greens and protein.”

The new biscuit is scheduled to be available starting in February.

McDon’t want to sell out?

Let’s buy a few and see if you can make them yourself.


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