Bourbon biscuit sandwich: The best biscuits in the U.S.

By Amy PurdyThe Associated PressBISQUIK, Tenn.

(AP) — For the most part, Kentucky biscuits are a hit.

But there are some rare exceptions.

The biscuits that are served here at Biscuits & Brews are some of the most beloved in the world.

Biscuit owners Amy Purdom and her husband, Joe Purdoms, said the biscuits have helped them survive tough times.

They’re so beloved they have a restaurant that has a booth outside its doors where customers can get the biscuits and other treats.

Purdome said people stop by the shop and say they remember the biscuits as a kid.

“We do this for the memories,” she said.

The Purdomes said they made the biscuits with a special recipe in mind.

They’re made with butter, sugar and maple syrup, and are flavored with apple cider vinegar, vanilla and cinnamon.

The biscuits are the centerpieces of the family-owned shop.

Biscuits are a popular snack in Kentucky and throughout the South.

They are traditionally made with bread dough, rolled into balls and stuffed into a biscuit.

The dough is then dipped in a special sweetener.

The shop is named after a family of Kentucky cattle.

Purdy, the wife, and her mother started the business in the 1940s and the Purdommes have kept the family tradition alive.

Purdom, who grew up in Louisville, said when her husband was in college, he decided to take his love of biscuits to a new level.

“He thought, ‘You know, if I want to eat more biscuits I can go out and get a big, old hog and make some biscuits,’ ” Purdomi said.

“So we decided to do that.”

Biscuit shop owner Amy Puddom, left, and husband Joe Puddoms have made the specialty biscuits since they opened in 1963.

The family has been baking biscuits for the past 20 years and the couple’s store is open to the public seven days a week.

They sell biscuits at a price of about $3.50 each.

Puddomedes said they have made some of their best biscuits since opening the shop.

Puddom said she has been able to afford to expand the shop with more staff.

She said she recently started selling biscuits in a bigger, better location and they have seen an increase in customer requests.

“People ask if they can have their biscuit in a biscuity box,” Purdoman said.

“It’s a good way to try and try to have a bigger menu,” she added.

Pursuing new recipesPurdome says they’re constantly trying to improve on the biscuit recipe.

The recipes have changed a lot since the family opened the shop in 1963, and they’ve grown the number of recipes.

They’ve made more of the dough, and she added more maple syrup and apple cider to the recipe.

Proud of the legacyBiscut makers Purdomin and Purdomic are proud of the heritage of their biscuits.

Pudgey, a favorite of the Puddommes, was born in Louisville and the family moved to Tennessee to start their business in 1963 when Joe was in high school.

Joe’s grandmother was a blacksmith and Pudgeys mother was a seamstress.

Joe and Purdy also were the first African Americans in Kentucky to earn college degrees and they still have a deep connection with the state.

Pudom said the family is proud of their roots and proud of being a family that has been around since the beginning of time.

The couple said they started the biscut business when they were 16.

They were living in Louisville when Joe went to college and he decided he wanted to do something that would make money and not have to work hard.

“I had a lot of friends at school and I was always around people.

I was kind of a good kid,” Pudgeos said.

When Joe graduated from high school, he got a job as a cook at a restaurant in Louisville.

He started cooking biscuits and they were an immediate hit.

“Biscus is the best way to go,” Joe said.

Pudgeos and Puddos said the recipes have been adapted over the years and some recipes are still in the original recipe book.

The family makes more than 150 different biscuits a year.

“If you go and buy a new recipe and you want to try it, you can,” Pudoms said.


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