What’s in your biscuit?

What’s your biscuity?

Well, if you’re reading this article, it’s probably biscuits, not cheeses.

Not to worry, though.

There’s a whole slew of biscuits to choose from here, from our favourite biscuit to the next, and you can find all the essentials in one place.

What to look for: We like to start with a biscuit, with its signature chewy texture.

This biscuit has a lot going for it, with the sweet and chewy flavour of our favourite, toasted, crispy biscuit.

And then there’s the crispness of the outside, which makes it a great choice for a quick snack.

If you’re looking for a biscuity that’s also a quick option to snack on, this is your biscut.

It’s also good as a biscuette, or as a sandwich for breakfast.

What you need: 1/3 to 1/2 cup of butter or margarine, plus more for brushing the biscuits up and shaping the inside.

We like our biscuits cooked to a nice golden brown, with just a hint of a bit of a tang.

To make your own, go for a mixture of milk, eggs, and flour.

Then whisk in the melted butter and seasonings.

To serve: Mix the batter into a square of plastic wrap and place the wrappers in a fridge for a few hours to cool.

If the biscuits don’t melt at this point, use a metal spoon to mix in the flour, and keep the biscuits in the fridge for at least a couple of hours.

Notes: The biscuits should be very well coated in the batter.

If they’re a little dry, or are soft, sprinkle some salt in the top of the biscuit or a little breadcrumbs.

And if you prefer to use a plastic wrap, make sure to brush it well with melted butter or melted margarine before serving.

We love the soft, fluffy biscuit texture that these biscuits offer.

If your biscuits are hard, just make sure that you brush them well with a bit more flour and/or breadcrumb mixture before serving, to soften the biscuits.


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