The world’s largest biscuits: The world was once home to more than 1.8 billion wood biscuits.

A new study by the Australian National University has shown that 1.7 billion wood biscuit samples have been found in Australian soil.

The study, published in the journal Australian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, looked at wood samples taken from three locations in Australia, where the species of wood used in biscuits originated.

It found that 1,000 million tonnes of wood were present in Australia between 2003 and 2013.

The paper says that this is equivalent to around 10 per cent of the world’s wood biscuits produced in 2013.

“Wood biscuits are an important part of Australia’s agricultural heritage, providing an important source of fibre and calcium to many rural communities,” said lead author Dr Andrew O’Neill.

“Our research has shown the diversity of wood biscuits that existed in Australia during this period, and the high levels of diversity in the wood used for these biscuits indicate that the wood biscuits were widely used in Australian food production for many years.”

The research also found that the Australian Wood Board was responsible for the production of many of the biscuits in Australia.

Wood biscuit producers had been producing biscuits in the country for at least a century, but they did not start to use wood until the 1960s.

Wood was used as an abrasive for the woodworking process.

“In recent decades, the availability of cheaper materials has meant the use of less environmentally sensitive wood has become increasingly common,” Dr O’Neil said.

“Many of these materials have a low thermal conductivity which is beneficial for woodworking, but it has the downside of having a high thermal conductance which is a major problem for making biscuits.”

As wood is more accessible than its fibre and fibre is more readily available, wood biscuits can be made more cheaply.

“Dr O’Naughton says that because of the higher thermal conductivities of the wood that was used in biscuit making, there was a large amount of biomass available for biomass farming.”

It was difficult to harvest the wood because the climate there was very harsh.””

It is a region where most people live, and it was a very difficult environment to produce biscuits.

It was difficult to harvest the wood because the climate there was very harsh.”

Biscuits made from the wood of the trees that grow in a particular region were called “doughnuts” because the texture of the doughnut was reminiscent of the bark of the tree.

The Australian Wood board, which was responsible, said that the biscuits were manufactured by wood pulp mills.

“It’s an extremely important industry in Australia and the majority of our biscuit makers and processors have local connections with communities,” Mr McVee said.

Biscuit makers have also been making wood biscuits for several years, but the Australian wood board has not been involved in the manufacturing of these biscuits.

Dr O”Naughson said that while the wood industry in some countries had been using more sustainable wood to make biscuits, in Australia the industry had been going in a direction that was “not sustainable”.

“This was because of a changing supply chain, the use and availability of new materials, and changes in environmental conditions that required more sustainable production methods,” Dr Moyle said.

Dr McVays research also indicates that Australia was one of the countries that produced the highest amount of wood chips.

“We found that about 75 per cent was made from cane,” Dr McDermott said.

He said that in Australia cane was much more common than in some other countries.

“Australia is the only country that has been using cane for over 200 years,” he said.

The report also showed that the use, availability and use of wood in biscuits has been increasing over the past three decades.

The new research suggests that Australia is one of only a few countries in the world where wood is the primary source of a product that can be used as a food ingredient.

“This shows the importance of using wood to produce food, particularly in the current climate where we are facing a growing food crisis,” Dr McDonald said.

In an interview with the ABC, Dr O”Neil said that it was important to remember that the production process of biscuits does not have to involve the use the same fossil fuels as traditional wood-based food production.

“The way we produce wood biscuits today is very different from the way we used to make wood biscuits,” he explained.

“What is interesting is that we have gone through a very significant change in our use of trees, in the way that we produce biscuits.”

“So we have used new materials and we have added more fibre and we are moving towards a sustainable, renewable energy future,” Dr Egan said.

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