How to make a ‘funky’ biscuit

The word ‘funkiy’ conjures up images of crispy biscuits that look like they have been battered with a batter mould.

But if you’re trying to make biscuits that are less sweet and savoury, these biscuit recipes can turn out a bit more traditional.

There are two main types of biscuit: sweet and sweet and salty.

Sweet biscuits are more traditionally made with cream and sugar.

If you’ve ever had an oatmeal biscuit, you’ve probably had a sweet biscuit.

This is because the batter has a lot of sugar and flour.

However, some sweet biscuits are sweetened with cream, sugar and butter.

The biscuit is typically topped with some chocolate, or sprinkled with chopped nuts.

Salt biscuit are typically made with a little more salt than sweet biscuits.

These are made by mixing the salty cream with the sugar and mixing the dough together in a bowl.

There’s no need to make your own salt biscuit because you can buy it at the store.

If making a salty biscuit with cream is what you’re after, the baking instructions are a little bit tricky.

The first step is to add a little water to the bowl of the mixer.

You can use a fork or your fingers to mix the dough into the water.

It’s important to be careful when adding too much water.

You want to keep it around the halfway mark, as you want the dough to be soft and spreadable.

Next, the dough will be divided into three pieces.

These pieces are then kneaded with the dough hook and the hands.

This will allow you to get the dough a little thicker and stretch it a little.

You will want to be very careful with the water that is added to the mixer as this will allow the dough some time to get a good stretch.

Once the dough has been kneading for a minute, you will want it to be doubled.

This means that the dough is doubled and rolled up into a rectangle.

Next you’ll want to add some salt to the dough.

A teaspoon or so of salt is a good amount, although you can always add a teaspoon or two more if you prefer.

This salt helps to prevent the dough from sticking together.

After the dough’s doubled, you’ll need to knead it again, this time with the hands, again until the dough gets quite soft and stretchy.

The dough should be kneadable once again and the dough should look like a soft, rolled up ball.

You’ll want the ends of the dough about a centimetre wide and slightly thick, but not too thin.

Now you’ll add your butter and a little flour.

The butter and flour help to give the dough more of a crumbly texture.

Once this dough is kneadbed, you can turn it into a biscuit by using your hands to roll it into balls, which are then rolled out to a height of about 2.5cm (1 inch).

To make these biscuits, you need a large bowl with a lid.

This bowl is filled with a mixture of water and a mixture that contains the flour, salt and some egg yolks.

If this is a sweet-and-sour biscuit you want to use a large plastic bag and place it on top of the bowl, but if you want a salty-and/or sweet-butter biscuit then a smaller plastic bag is a better choice.

Once your biscuits are finished baking, they should be slightly firm and the tops will have a bit of a soft-and a slightly tacky texture.

They should be nice and soft.

If they don’t, try gently rubbing them with your hands with the tips of your fingers.

Then add some melted butter, some more flour and a few more drops of water to coat the top.

Make sure that the mixture is evenly distributed throughout the dough and that the top doesn’t get too dry.

Now turn the biscuits out onto a baking sheet and bake at 300°C (440°F).

This is an ideal temperature for baking biscuits because it allows the dough time to absorb the moisture.

Once they are baked, they will be golden brown and the centre should be soft, with a slight sheen.

They’re ready to eat!

This is the end result of a biscue recipe.

You’ve been reading this article for at least two weeks and are sure that this biscuit has been on your to-do list for a long time.

This recipe was originally published in December 2018 and was recently updated to reflect the latest information about biscuit baking.

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