How to make gluten-free chicken biscuits, pancakes and other comfort food

BISCUITS, FOOD AND LIVING CHEFS CAN GET A NEW LIFESTYLE AND A FANATIC PRICE BISCUMBERS: The new menu items, which are available in a range of flavours, have also gone through an update to ensure they’re more affordable.

The menu has been revamped from the classic version of a traditional baked chicken biscuit to a crispy and creamy, whole wheat biscuit.

BISCUS, FLAVOURED FOOD: The biscuit shop is adding flavours like lemon grassy apple and raspberry to the menu.

It’s also adding a new, non-alcoholic version, which is made from real apples and grapes, to the mix.

TASTY FISH, CHICKEN BISCUP: The restaurant will be adding new varieties of the crispy fried chicken biscut, including a crispy fried bacon and a fried fish biscuit with smoked salmon.

COOKIES, TASTE AND BEER: The cafe has added a new beer menu.

The cafe will be offering a variety of craft beer from local brewers like Bitter Coast Brewing Company and Green Mountain Brewery, along with a selection of craft brews from local breweries like the Perennial Brewing Company.

The food menu will include a new selection of dishes such as a bacon sandwich, fried chicken and a fresh fruit and vegetable dish.

THE COUPLE WHO CARES: The store will be selling the brand new gluten- free version of the classic chicken biscuity.

There will also be gluten- Free and Dairy Free versions.


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