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McDonalds has been criticised for selling biscuits that are more expensive than those available at its restaurants.

But the fast food chain has claimed that its biscuits contain only the cheapest ingredients.

McDonald’s claims that its simple biscuits contain 1,000 calories, but a survey by UK magazine The Dish showed that the biscuits contain a total of 5,800 calories.

In contrast, a McDonalds biscuit costs just 100 calories and a mooch (a baked mince or pitta) costs only 75 calories.

The McDonalds spokesperson said that they do not use high-calorie ingredients to keep their prices low.

“The biscuit is baked to order, with no preservatives, gluten or salt.

We do not offer any sugar in the biscuit.

We also do not include artificial flavourings and we do not put a sweetener in our mooching, as some people claim.”

According to McDonalds, its simple biscuit comes in both standard and mini sizes.

The spokesperson also said that McDonalds biscuits contain around 1,100 calories per serving.

“For this reason, the simple biscuits have a calorie content of 1,200, with just under 50 per cent of it coming from fat, while the rest is protein, fibre and vitamin A,” the spokesperson said.

However, a study conducted by the British Medical Journal in 2014 showed that McDonald’s biscuits are more filling than the typical McDonalds product.

In that study, researchers measured the composition of various foods and found that the average calorie content per serving was 0.5 per cent lower than that of a standard McDonalds burger.

However the survey also showed that more than one in five people who ate the McDonalds “pizza” had a calorie intake of more than 400 calories.


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